Cardiff State Beach, Encinitas, CA. (Credit: Tanner Olthoff)

Good chance, if you live in Hawaii or on the West Coast, you’ve just about run out of excuses for missing any kind of work or familial obligations by now. Can’t really hide a head tan on a Zoom call or broken surfboards in the garage from a loved one. As we’ve been reporting, over the course of the last number of weeks, the North Pacific has barely stopped for a coffee break. (Stand by for some stats on how this run stacks up.)

Surfline’s Director of Forecasting Kevin Wallis puts it into a little context: “The last six weeks of surf in the North Pacific have turned into a blur as swell after swell hammered Hawaii and the West Coast. Was it the Day of Days that Pete Mel scored the best wave ever or was that a different swell? And when was it that he got towed into the wave that was like 100 feet? Another swell, apparently.”

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